J Cole seem like the coolest rapper in the block but you hardly see him rushing to events which seem to tag him as an introvert who hardly spends his weekend in Clubs, Runway Shows , Celebrity parties and the rest those things that put them on social media.

His recent cover on GQ spills proof of him not being a typical celebrity that wants attention. J cole revealed “I don’t like center-of-attention-type moments,” he says. “Like the camera, mad people, the world watching the arena, and I have to do something right.”

In 2012 he played in the All-Star Weekend’s celebrity game and avoided the spotlight for most of his time on the court. “It’s funny. I had Kevin Hart close to me, and I noticed he was like purposely trying to get in the camera. He wasn’t as big as he is now. He had this energy that like, ‘You’re gonna see me.’ Me on the other hand, nah…,” he trails off, wiping ketchup off a single lock that didn’t make it to safety. “It feels like an invasion of privacy.”

We totally get you J! This has added to a total lowkey to his personal life from being a husband and a father to his toddler son Raleigh .

If you missed his interview with GQ check here

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