Jollof Rice is never a new word in the ears of Nigerians as this has caused a lot of twitter arguments in the past, we’ll say you’re new to Jollof Rice if you didn’t know it bore the word Ghana Jollof, our twitter friends will know this for sure.

Jollof Rice is a meal every chef will cook more than 50 times a year for a party due to the love for the meal, some say when you eat it at parties it’s different from homemade ones, some say the fire wood adds flavour and the burnt bottom adds to the delicious taste.

Jollof Rice can be eaten with plantain, salad on the side, moin moin by the side, meat of course, did you mention veggies, err not quite but if you get a Chef to help with that, that will be an outstanding dish.

Still wondering why it’s the most cooked and dished? Nigerian Love Rice or safely said, the most available meal, add your in the comment section.

So how will you be eating your Jollof Rice an an owambe tomorrow?

Take a look at some Jollof Rice pictures :


Photo Credit: @9jafoodie on instagram

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